Excellence from your professional service provider is essential for competing in today's markets. You can expect the highest level of expertise and dedication from us in providing audit, tax and advisory services.


In today’s changing global economy, before any business can create value, it must create trust - businesses need trusted advisers. We believe that assurance goes beyond our statutory responsibilities to report on a company’s accounts, which is why Audit & Assurance is one of our firm’s core service lines.

Our audit & assurance experts take the time to understand your business as well as the sectors in which you operate. We can help you identify major risks and opportunities over and above performance of the traditional financial reporting function. Supported by advanced technology, we are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiencies and enhance client service.


A feasibility study is normally less than 20% of the cost of a business plan and although a feasibility study will not be anywhere close to the in-depth “nuts and bolts” view of a business plan, it will do exactly what the name implies. It will show if a project is feasible before any other steps are taken or indeed paid for.

There are very big differences between a feasibility study and a business plan. A feasibility study is designed to discover if a business or project is “feasible” or if it is not: (In short, does the business or project warrant further investment of time, money and further study or is it a non starter). A feasibility study is a relatively inexpensive way to safeguard any wastage of further investment (will it work or won’t it).

If a project is seen to be feasible from the results of the study, the next logical step is to commission a full business plan. Will the investment made in the feasibility study itself then be wasted? No.. Because the research and information uncovered in the study will be of good use in the business planning stage and will also reduce the research time and therefore the cost of the business plan.

A business plan is designed to “plan” in advance how a business or project will be started, implemented and managed: (In short, a working “blue print” of the entire operation of the business or project). Business plans are commissioned for one of three reasons: Reorganization, investment/funding or a management blueprint for operation.


Accounting Services

We at ABK SAQER AUDITING, Chartered Accountants, undertake book keeping and prepare management accounts in any format as you require. Our experienced team can prepare the accounts accurately on a timely basis as per the statutory requirements. Our primary focus is on assisting with the interpretation of the accounts to help you make the best business decisions

  • We provide part-time & periodic accounting services by qualified and experience accountants.
  • We ensure accounting & reporting as per the accounting standards prescribed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
  • We provide periodic management reports to monitor your business
  • We can train & supervise your accountant on a periodic basis.
Internal Audits:

Our internal audit team offers a dedicated commercial approach to help you control and improve your business. Independent assurance from us should enhance your business and its reputation with existing owners, potential new investors and providers of finance.

Our independence enables us to stand back and provide impartial advice. At the same time we hope to become a valuable part of your team, providing constructive and commercial input

  • We analyze, in depth, the internal controls and accounting policies.
  • We provide regular reports on on-going performance of the company.
  • We verify transactions and report compliance with respect to the company’s policies & procedures.
  • We ensure early detection of fraud and mitigate its effect on the business.


A lot of business owners have an inflated estimate of the value of their business, and we see a lot of situations where people buying a business are really just buying themselves a job. So how do you know whether or not the price placed on a business by its owner is correct or not.

Due diligence is a further matter that needs to be considered, and this involves delving into the background of the business to make sure that you as the new business owner are not assuming responsibility for any unknown liabilities, that the financial information the valuation has been based on is true and correct, identifying any issues that could effect the business in the future, and related matters

We have extensive experience in valuing businesses and undertaking due diligence and it’s important that you discuss this matter before you get to far down the track when purchasing a business (and/or selling a business also).


Our services include Company Formations, Company Registrations, Limited Liability (LLC) Company Registrations, Company Incorporations and Offshore Corporations.

We offer company formation packages to meet the needs of any size or type of company. What sets us apart from the competition is our fast and competitive incorporation service.

Our network with banks helps us start up accounts for you quickly. You can take advantage of our unique automated arrangement of the application form on line whilst ordering your company.

An incorporation of a company is its compulsory requirement for its existence. Promoter is usually the person who undertakes all the necessary steps for the incorporation. Incorporation can be defined as the process by which the company gets a separate legal entity. Now let us discuss the number of steps which are required to be fulfilled for the incorporation of the company


Since our corporate focus is on developing custom applications using leading-edge technology, we evaluate business processes from a business domain independent viewpoint, and concentrate on working with our client to combine their domain expertise with our technology expertise to realize a solution that best fits their business improvement goals.

While we have experience in building solutions for many different industry verticals and federal/state/local government agencies, we believe that the client knows their business best and our value is helping them understand how to apply technology to innovate and transform their business.

Our Approach:

Our approach includes business process modeling (BPM) using the client’s BPM tools of choice to define and manage their process portfolio and applying techniques such as value stream mapping and activity based costing to define the specific changes needs to existing processes to streamline and transform them into the envisioned new way of working.

Through our participation in key Microsoft Partner Advisory groups, AIS has early access to and understanding of key innovations in workflow automation, systems integration and data management